Land Conservation

Our goal is to provide conservation planning assistance and technical service in the area of soil and water conservation to landowners, land users, and decision-makers of Dane County, Wisconsin.

The Land Conservation Division is a division of the Dane County Land & Water Resources Department (LWRD).  Other divisions within LWRD are Dane County Parks, the Office of Lakes & Watersheds, Water Resource Engineering, and LWRD Administration


2017 Cost Share Programs

  • Harvestable Buffer Initiative: In an effort to compliment the conservation practices installed by producers in the Yahara River Watershed and further reduce Phosphorous losses from cropland, the Dane County Land and Water Resources Department developed the Harvestable Grass Buffer Program available to producers in the Yahara River and the Badfish Creek Watersheds for land located in Dane County. This program will allow producers to establish a perennial grass cover which can be harvested and utilized while maintaining the environmental benefits of grass buffer strips.