Ordinances and Rules

Manure Management and Storage Facilities

Adopted in May 2005, the amended Chapter 14 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances regulates the design, construction, maintenance and proper abandonment of animal waste storage facilities and manure stacks. It includes the transfer of wastes into storage facilities; provides for adequate disposal of animal waste in order to prevent water pollution, and complies with provisions in NR 151 Agricultural Performance Standards as outlined in the Dane County Land and Water Resource Management Plan and ATCP 50.56.


Spreading Liquid Manure on Frozen Ground

In early 2005, a series of runoff incidents occurred after the spreading of liquid manure on frozen ground. The runoff entered surface waters resulting in a fish kill and significant amounts of nutrient loading. As a result, the Dane County Manure Spreading Task Force was convened to address concerns about spreading liquid manure on frozen ground. The Task Force represented a wide array of interests and developed a set of spreading criteria and restrictions to mitigate runoff threats. These criteria have been incorporated into the Manure Storage and Utilization portion of Chapter 14, Dane County Code of Ordinances.

The purpose of the ordinance amendment is to regulate the winter application of stored pumpable liquid manure in order to protect the health and welfare of Dane County’s residents and the economic and environmental value of the County’s natural resources.


Administrative Rule NR 243 - Animal Waste Management

This administrative rule applies to those livestock operations that discharge significant pollutants to the waters of the state. When a Notice of Discharge (NOD) is issued, the operation must apply corrective measures. Landowners may request technical assistance to meet their obligations identified in the NOD. Assistance in planning, design, construction inspection, and certification of completion according to standards is available. See Department of Natural Resources Administrative Code (use ch. nr 243) for more information.


Administrative Rule NR 151 - Agricultural Performance 

This chapter establishes runoff pollution performance standards for non-agricultural facilities and transportation facilities and performance standards and prohibitions for agricultural facilities and practices designed to achieve water quality standards as required by s. 281.16 (2) and (3), Stats.  See Department of Natural Resources Administrative Code (use ch. nr 151) for more information.


ATCP 50 & Chapter 92

ATCP 50 is the administrative rule that governs Wisconsin’s soil and water resource management program, along with Chapter 92 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, or DATCP, administers the program in cooperation with other agencies.