Dane County LWRM Plan

The Dane County Land and Water Resource Management (LWRM) Plan is a state-mandated long range planning document intended to guide the activities of the Land Conservation Department (LCD) in its efforts to protect and improve the natural resources in Dane County.  Wisconsin Act 27 (1997-1999 Biennial Budget Bill), Chapter 92.10 of the Wisconsin Statutes, includes provisions for County Land and Water Conservation Committees (LWCC) to develop County Land and Water Resource Management (LWRM) plans. County LWRM plans are envisioned to be a local action or implementation plan with emphasis on program integration.

2019 Plan Development

The 2019 Dane County LWRM Draft Plan has been completed with the assistance of a Local Advisory Committee.  This plan will serve for the next 10 years as the guide for Dane County to protect and preserve the land and water resources of Dane County. 

The draft plan was presented to the Land Conservation Committee (LCC) on September 25, 2018.

A Public Hearing is scheduled for November 15, 2018 at 5:00 pm. 

Public Comment: 

  • Comments on the Draft Plan can be submitted through November 21, 2018 via emailed to landcon@countyofdane.com or mailed to:
    Dane County Land & Water Resource Department
    Land Conservation Division
    5201 Fen Oak Drive, Room 208
    Madison, WI 53718-8827 
  • Press release (PDF)

2008 PlanHay harvest

The LWRM Plan addresses soil and water quality concerns using local, state and federal programs. It is a 10-year (from 2008 through 2018) action and implementation plan that emphasizes cooperation with conservation partners in Dane County.