Dane County LWRM Plan

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Land and Water Resource Management (LWRM) Plan
The LWRM Plan addresses soil and water quality concerns using local, state and federal programs. It is a 10-year (from 2008 through 2018) action and implementation plan that emphasizes cooperation with conservation partners in Dane County. For additional information, please contact Amy Callis at: (608) 224-3740 or callis.amy@countyofdane.com.

Plan with Maps (4 MB)

1-1. Land Use (2005) (2,526 KB)
1-2. Shaded Relief (2,688 KB)callis.amy@countyofdane.com
1-3. Outstanding and Exceptional Resource Waters and Impaired Waters (1,729 KB)
1-4. Major Basins and Watersheds (1,791 KB)
1-6. Erosion Summary Comparison (954 KB)
3-1. Thermally Sensitive Areas (1,408 KB)
4-1. Erosion Summary by Township (2007) (580 KB)
4-3. Water Monitoring Locations (2,071 KB)